Product Details
A brief introduction

Poly Coated Kraft

The kraft paper can be of various strength and finish as per the requirement. The paper if polycoated will give it more strength and also the moisture barrier property. The paper can have sandwich layers if more strength is required.

We offer an unmatched range of Polycoated Kraft paper , also along with aluminum foil. The polycoating makes the inner surface food grade and thus increases the shelf life of the product. They are primarily available in color Brown but can be made available in different colors.

It finds application in :

  • Bags
  • Tea & coffee Packaging
  • Paper Reel Wrapping, Paper Ream Wrapping
  • Pouches, Food Grain Packaging
  • Silicon Coating, VCI Coating
  • Corrugation Industry
  • White Goods Industry
  • Paper Core/ Drum Manufacturing